A Quick Guide: Portland

In general, people from Vancouver love Portland, Oregon. Maybe it’s because our everyday, normal lives are in Vancouver and going somewhere else encourages you to explore your surroundings. But I think it’s also because we aspire to reach their levels of foodie culture, number of breweries, and hip lifestyle shops. The city’s unofficial motto, “Keep Portland Weird,” represents both the ability to express your own individuality and is an encouragement to support local businesses. This is exactly what my friends and I tried to do when we headed down there last weekend for eating, drinking, and exploring (yes, in that order). It would be selfish to keep this information to myself, so here is a quick guide to my favourite Portland spots.Read More »


Part III:Wonderful Wien

Next on my travel itinerary was Vienna. Like my previous two stops I had been there before, but it is a place I hold especially close to my heart. It is not because of its arts and culture, the city’s cleanliness, or how cheap public transportation is – although I do enjoy those things as well. Rather, it is because of the many lovely people in the city, some of whom I am privileged enough to call my friends.

The way we came into each others lives was somewhat serendipitous. A class in the grade below mine was involved in a “cultural exchange” with a class in Linz, a sister city of Linköping. I have always been a bit overly keen, so when there was a shortage of volunteer hosts I did not think twice before offering my parent’s guest room (thanks mom & dad). I don’t know if any of us predicted that the connections we made back then would last this long. But amazingly, we have managed to stay friends through awkward teenage years, entering adulthood, moving to different cities and countries, and all that in between. And I am still waiting for the day a small group of Austrians will arrive in Vancouver…Read More »

Part II: But We Love Berlin

This post picks up right where I left of in my previous post, which you might not remember, because I got distracted by life and neglected this blog for a while. If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet or need a refresher you can find it here. However, here’s an extremely quick recap: I went to Amsterdam, met a bunch of friends, did fun things, ate good food, and then headed towards Berlin with my good friend Selene.

While still in Amsterdam we found out it was possible to get a free tour of the Reichstag, the only requirement being to sign up beforehand. The Reichstag building is topped by a huge glass dome with 360° views of the city and it is also where the German parliament sits. Visiting slots fill up fairly quickly and when we got to it there were only two available times left… Which is how we ended up being there 08.00 AM in the morning! Despite it being grey and rainy, we still had an amazing view of the city. All visitors get a free audio guide so I would highly recommend going in the beginning of your trip, because it definitely helped us decide which places to explore during our time there.Read More »

Part I: Three Days in Amsterdam

A couple weeks ago I shared my summer travel plans and if you saw them you know what an amazing journey I had planned. I’m currently in the middle of my tour of European capital cities and let me tell you – I am hardcore holidaying. Now, the first in a series of posts attempting to make you totally envious (that’s why we go on vacations, right?). Could potentially be used as a travel guide as well.
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A Graduate’s Reflections

It has been difficult to write a post on this topic. Although I knew I wanted to write something to close the chapter of life that was my undergraduate degree, I didn’t know what to write. How does one summarize five years that are so filled with experiences? It feels impossible to squeeze every important detail, each impactful person, all significant moments of learning into a single, short blogpost.  Read More »

A New (Blog) Beginning

My favourite window seat, in my living room.

I’ve always found the first blog post difficult to write. It’s like writing the introduction to an essay, except in this scenario I can’t start in the middle and save the introduction for later. Perhaps it’s because the first post is a little bit like meeting someone for the first time. It’s slightly awkward and you really want to make a good impression, so of course you are nervous. Read More »