A Quick Guide: Portland

In general, people from Vancouver love Portland, Oregon. Maybe it’s because our everyday, normal lives are in Vancouver and going somewhere else encourages you to explore your surroundings. But I think it’s also because we aspire to reach their levels of foodie culture, number of breweries, and hip lifestyle shops. The city’s unofficial motto, “Keep Portland Weird,” represents both the ability to express your own individuality and is an encouragement to support local businesses. This is exactly what my friends and I tried to do when we headed down there last weekend for eating, drinking, and exploring (yes, in that order). It would be selfish to keep this information to myself, so here is a quick guide to my favourite Portland spots.Read More »


Part III:Wonderful Wien

Next on my travel itinerary was Vienna. Like my previous two stops I had been there before, but it is a place I hold especially close to my heart. It is not because of its arts and culture, the city’s cleanliness, or how cheap public transportation is – although I do enjoy those things as well. Rather, it is because of the many lovely people in the city, some of whom I am privileged enough to call my friends.

The way we came into each others lives was somewhat serendipitous. A class in the grade below mine was involved in a “cultural exchange” with a class in Linz, a sister city of Linköping. I have always been a bit overly keen, so when there was a shortage of volunteer hosts I did not think twice before offering my parent’s guest room (thanks mom & dad). I don’t know if any of us predicted that the connections we made back then would last this long. But amazingly, we have managed to stay friends through awkward teenage years, entering adulthood, moving to different cities and countries, and all that in between. And I am still waiting for the day a small group of Austrians will arrive in Vancouver…Read More »