Part II: But We Love Berlin

This post picks up right where I left of in my previous post, which you might not remember, because I got distracted by life and neglected this blog for a while. If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet or need a refresher you can find it here. However, here’s an extremely quick recap: I went to Amsterdam, met a bunch of friends, did fun things, ate good food, and then headed towards Berlin with my good friend Selene.

While still in Amsterdam we found out it was possible to get a free tour of the Reichstag, the only requirement being to sign up beforehand. The Reichstag building is topped by a huge glass dome with 360° views of the city and it is also where the German parliament sits. Visiting slots fill up fairly quickly and when we got to it there were only two available times left… Which is how we ended up being there 08.00 AM in the morning! Despite it being grey and rainy, we still had an amazing view of the city. All visitors get a free audio guide so I would highly recommend going in the beginning of your trip, because it definitely helped us decide which places to explore during our time there.Read More »