A New (Blog) Beginning

My favourite window seat, in my living room.

I’ve always found the first blog post difficult to write. It’s like writing the introduction to an essay, except in this scenario I can’t start in the middle and save the introduction for later. Perhaps it’s because the first post is a little bit like meeting someone for the first time. It’s slightly awkward and you really want to make a good impression, so of course you are nervous. 

Those who have known me for a long time know that I used to have another blog. I considered continuing writing there, because although it has been several years since my last post there I wouldn’t have to worry about the first impression. Then I looked back on what 18-year-old Hannah had written and thought that perhaps I wanted to make a slightly different impression than my posts from back then. This is of course why I am writing this, an introduction to my new blog.

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset
The writing process.

I can’t tell you exactly what will end up being the focus on this blog, probably because there will be no specific focus other than that the topic is relevant to or part of my life. In other words, I will be posting about whatever interests me. Despite this fairly noncommittal content description it is pretty safe to say I will write about travelling, my many DIY and sewing projects, and of course food (which occupies my mind approximately 80% of my waking hours). Whatever it will be, I will do my best to make it interesting.

The one thing that I find perhaps even more difficult than starting a post is ending it. When is the right time? What is the right way? I know that there is no one right answer, no set rules, no specific way. Maybe we just have an intuition on when to wrap things up… because I am feeling it right now.

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll stick around to get a glimpse of my life, listen to my stories, and hear my thoughts – coming at you (almost) always from a window seat.


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