Part I: Three Days in Amsterdam

A couple weeks ago I shared my summer travel plans and if you saw them you know what an amazing journey I had planned. I’m currently in the middle of my tour of European capital cities and let me tell you – I am hardcore holidaying. Now, the first in a series of posts attempting to make you totally envious (that’s why we go on vacations, right?). Could potentially be used as a travel guide as well.
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A Graduate’s Reflections

It has been difficult to write a post on this topic. Although I knew I wanted to write something to close the chapter of life that was my undergraduate degree, I didn’t know what to write. How does one summarize five years that are so filled with experiences? It feels impossible to squeeze every important detail, each impactful person, all significant moments of learning into a single, short blogpost.  Read More »

A New (Blog) Beginning

My favourite window seat, in my living room.

I’ve always found the first blog post difficult to write. It’s like writing the introduction to an essay, except in this scenario I can’t start in the middle and save the introduction for later. Perhaps it’s because the first post is a little bit like meeting someone for the first time. It’s slightly awkward and you really want to make a good impression, so of course you are nervous. Read More »